After Just One Year, Capcom’s Live Dino Game Is On Its Way Out

Capcom announced today that after just a year of updates, its live-action dinosaur-killing game…Exoprimal—will be kept alive as there are no plans to add new seasonal content to the game after its last update.

Exoprimal was first announced in March 2022 and immediately got people excited. Capcom was making a new video game with dinosaurs and a red-headed woman! Was this secretly a new dinosaur crisis? No! But the game still seemed like a good idea, as it pitted mech-suited soldiers against hordes of time-traveling dinosaurs. It launched on July 12, 2023, with mixed reviews and little enthusiasm. It then received four seasons of content in the last 12 months. But after its most recent update, Capcom has confirmed he completed the live dinosaur shooter expansion after just 348 days.

On July 5, Capcom announced that “all planned seasonal content for Exoprimal is now complete” and confirmed that starting July 11, past seasons will simply alternate monthly.

Capcom said in its blog post Exorprimal is not closing its doors. Its online services will remain operational and the game will still be playable as before, with all its modes and content. While it’s a good thing that the game isn’t completely dead, its future looks bleak.

Most live games are doomed to die a slow and sad death.

By confirming that the servers will remain up but no new seasonal content is planned, Capcom has essentially turned Exoprimal into a digital zombie, doomed to persist for months or years as players grow bored of playing the same content over and over again and eventually leave.

“If you play [Exoprimal] “Whether you’re playing alone or in a match with just a few other players, Bots (AI-controlled Exofighters) will still be added so you can fully enjoy the Hammerheads’ story and reach the ending,” Capcom added in its blog post. So that’s cool! You’ll still be able to enjoy the game’s full story and reach the ending.

It’s still quite depressing to see that this is the best (and most likely) outcome for most live games that aren’t hugely successful. Eventually, once the publisher has exhausted the live game after keeping it in zombie mode for a while, the servers will likely be shut down and the game rendered unplayable. We’ve seen it before. We’ll probably see it again..

So if you were planning on playing Exoprimal and finishing its storyline, I would take care of it sooner or later before it ends up joining the ever growing list of dead and unplayable online games.


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