Elden Ring 1.12.3 Patch Notes Finally Fixes Perfume Bottle Bug

After a successful launch and a quick patch, FromSoftware has finally released the first major patch for Elden Ring. The new Elden Ring patch 1.12.3 aims to fix bugs and rebalance some weapons. Additionally, the latest patch also fixes some PC-specific issues since the launch of the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC.

While we see a few changes in the new Elden Ring patch, the highlight for me is that the patch finally fixed perfume bottles. Lightning and Frenzyflame perfume bottles will no longer deal double the intended damage.

Similarly, the Carian Witchcraft Sword The patch brought some minor changes, including the weapon’s intelligence scaling being fixed. But you’ll also see slightly reduced damage. Another big change is the Blood Demon Arm. With the new patch, the weapon’s arcane scaling and status stacking have been fixed.

Similarly, Elden Ring patch 1.12.3 brought some boss fixes and some PC-specific changes. The new patch finally fixes the placements of the Golden Hippo and Commander Gaius during the fight. This means that you will no longer be attacked by them after immediately entering the boss room. This gives you a chance to summon your Spirit Ash.

In addition, damage to the Quick Strike Skill has been reduced for PvP encounters with players. Additionally, you will no longer get the annoying “Inappropriate activity detected” message when playing online.

Unfortunately, the new Elden Ring patch doesn’t bring any significant fixes to the game’s performance. However, this patch does fix many of the underlying issues caused by the launch of Shadow of the Erdtree. This patch also fixes a lot more than Elden Ring patch 1.12 did, which is what I was hoping for.

So, are you happy with the new Elden Ring patch 1.12.3? Let me know in the comments below!

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