How to Redeem Pre-Registration Rewards in Zenless Zone Zero

If you’re one of the many players who signed up for Zenless Zone Zero before the game’s official launch, you should have a selection of rewards waiting for you in-game. Here’s how to redeem pre-registration rewards in Zenless Zone Zero!

How to get your rewards in Zenless Zone Zero

To claim your pre-registration rewards in Zenless Zone Zero, progress through the game’s first commission, The Proxy and the Hare, until you reach the New Eridu central area. Here, while your chosen character is relaxing on the couch with a smartphone in hand, you can access the game menu from the bottom of your HUD. You want to select “More” and then “Mail.”

In your mailbox, the first box should say “Global Pre-Registration Rewards”. If you select this item, you can redeem all of your items from the bottom right corner of the mailbox.

What are the pre-registration rewards?

If you qualify for the pre-registration rewards, you will receive the following:

  • 20 master tapes
  • 5 Boopons
  • 3,000 Denny
  • Corin (Character)

Your pre-registration rewards have an expiration date, albeit a fairly long one (179 days). But don’t wait to claim your free in-game items in Zenless Zone Zero!

If you want extra rewards, don’t forget to use your ZZZ codes in-game! While you’re here, sign up for the Insider Gaming newsletter!

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