List of the best digital cameras: where to buy, features and prices | Everything you need to know about the revival of digital cameras from brands like Sony, Kodak and many more

Would you believe that digital cameras are making a comeback? And We have Generation Z to thank.

The generation that did not have to live through the early 2000s is the one that is most intrigued by this phenomenon, with this interest extending to the older generation. compact digital cameras that reigned supreme about 17 years ago. Like the return of flip phones, nostalgia is breathing new life into technology we thought we had left behind.

Although the trend probably started when a few influencers were spotted filming their content on Digital camerasMany people now prefer to use them to create memories. Some appreciate the editing features available in these older models like exposure and optical zoom, while others like the way their warm, “vintage” look contrasts with the crisp images produced by iPhones.

Digital cameras are available for purchase on the Internet, most of them at very affordable pricesCheck out our top picks below.

NOTE: Prices are accurate at time of publication.

Kodak Step Touch Instant Digital Camera

Price: $389.95

Best Feature: Combining instant camera technology with digital, this Kodak camera features a touchscreen for viewing digital images and printing them instantly.

Perfect for: Teenagers who love nostalgic items.

Sony RX100 VII High-End Compact Camera

Price: $2056

Best Feature: Although it’s the most expensive camera on our list, this portable Sony camera features a type-stacked CMOS sensor and AI-based real-time tracking for both photos and movies.

Perfect for: Photographers with some experience who also want to record videos.

Kodak PIXPRO WPZ2 Digital Camera

Price: $247.95 (blue), or $252.29 (YELLOW)

Best Feature: This compact, portable camera features a 4x optical zoom lens, making it ideal for experimenting.

Perfect for: A person who wants to express their creativity in a new medium.

Jumobuis digital camera

Price: $119.99

Best Feature: This small but powerful camera takes 48MP images and records 4K video.

Perfect for: One of the more affordable options, this is a great camera for Gen Z who has been asking for one.

FHD 1080P digital camera

Price: $120.57

Best Feature: This camera is very simple to use with a function menu and a large LCD screen that is easy to see and decipher.

Perfect for: This camera is designed for children aged 5 to 13.

4K HD Digital Camera with 32GB Memory Card

Price: $60.49 for Kogan members (regular price $63.79)

Best Feature: This camera is packed with features for such an affordable product. It has a self-timer and motion and face detection to help you take better photos.

Ideal for: Generation Z is constantly asking you for a digital camera.

Kodak PIXPRO FZ45 Digital Camera with User-Friendly Zoom

Price: $158.39 (red), or $164.67 (black)

Best Feature: This simple camera has a red-eye removal feature, usually reserved for phone cameras.

Perfect for: Any beginner who wants an easy to use camera to practice with.

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