on the Base the digital pins of the mascot of the Paris Olympics

In a few weeks, the 2024 Summer Olympics will begin in Paris and to celebrate the event, the mascot’s NFT digital pins have been launched on Base.

The news was given directly by nWay, the division of Animoca Brands that deals with Web3.

The launch is happening through My Olympic™ Rewards and Coinbase’s Onchain Summer campaign.

Paris 2024 Olympics: mascot NFTs on Base

These NFTs launched by nWay represent the digital pins of the Paris 2024 mascot, and were launched specifically to celebrate these Olympic Games.

The idea is to capture the playful spirit and energy of the Olympic Games with digital collectibles.

NFTs come in two different models with two different rarity levels: epic and legendary.

The first design (A) is of the Paris 2024 mascot waving, available in Epic and Legendary rarity levels.

The second (B) is that of the Paris 2024 mascot with a flag, always available with an Epic or Legendary rarity level.

The claim of the NFTs of the Paris Olympics on Base

There are different ways to request the NFTs of the digital pins of the mascot of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

Applications began yesterday, July 9, through Coinbase’s Onchain Summer campaign. The application period ends on August 12, and users will need to head over to the Magic Eden platform to request and redeem the NFT digital badges.

OGJ and VTG supporters can get all four pins, while with Magic Eden currency they can get the Legendary B or Epic A.

The existing nWayPlay (NWP) community and Olympic Games Jam (OGJ) supporters will exclusively receive the legendary waving mascot pin.

Users will also be able to claim and redeem Epic B through My Olympic™ Rewards by using earned points to redeem a digital PIN.

For the OGJ/NWP community, it will be possible to enter the whitelist before July 23 by following the instructions contained in an email that will be sent.

In order to receive the NFT, users must use their own crypto wallet that supports the base chain.

The basic layer 2

Base is one of the most important layer 2s in Ethereum.

It is a chain designed and created by Coinbase, with the aim of making asset transfers on the main alternative chain to Bitcoin simpler and more economical.

The same Coinbase, that is, the company that owns and manages the largest American cryptocurrency exchange, is involved in the initiative, given that the claiming of these NFTs is also possible through their official Onchain Summer campaign.

Onchain Summer is a campaign that started last year, as an invitation to creators to launch their projects on Base.

In fact, Onchain technology allows everyone to get paid directly by their supporters with almost no fees, have full ownership of their original digital works, and build direct relationships with their community.

Base creator Jesse Pollak said:

“We are beyond excited to launch the Paris 2024 Olympic Games mascot NFT digital pins as part of Onchain Summer. This launch reflects the innovative spirit of Onchain Summer, not only offering a piece of Olympic history, but also showcasing the potential of Onchain technology to bring brands closer to their fans. By bringing these NFTs to the community, we aim to create a memorable and unforgettable experience for people around the world.”

The 2024 Olympic Games

As part of the Olympic Agenda 2020+5 initiatives, the IOC (International Olympic Committee), which officially organises the Olympic Games, has developed a global licensing programme aimed at strengthening and promoting the Olympic brand.

The IOC’s main licensing programmes include the Olympic Collection, which aims to engage a young audience with unique branded products including clothing, toys and games, bags, stationery and sports equipment.

In this way, on the official website of the Olympic Shop (shop.olympics.com), all official products are on sale, with collectible items and souvenirs belonging to all Olympic merchandising programs.

In addition to the Olympic Collection, there is also the Olympic Heritage Collection, which celebrates the art and design of past Olympic Games, and the Olympic and Paralympic Games Collections which celebrate each upcoming edition of the Games, such as Paris 2024, Milano Cortina 2026 and LA28.


nWay is a subsidiary of Animoca Brands.

In turn, Animoca Brands is one of the leading publishers and developers of multiplatform games.

The American company has a proven track record of delivering AAA games to mobile and console devices, such as Wreck League, Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid, Power Rangers: Legacy Wars, Olympic Games Jam: Beijing 2022 and ChronoBlade.

nWay is comprised of a group of developers and executives with decades of experience in the video game industry.

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