Oura Ring gets ‘AI advisor’ ahead of Samsung Galaxy Ring launch

Oura beat Samsung by a few years in the smart ring game — and may have just beaten Samsung by a day in the “smart ring with AI health advisor” game.

On his official blogOura has announced that “Oura Advisor” is now available through its Oura Labs feature preview program in the company’s app. Oura describes it as “your own personal wellness coach,” ostensibly functioning as a chatbot that can give you short- and long-term health advice. East Technically this is a beta test that you have to participate in, so there will probably be some kinks to work out at first.


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How does “Oura Advisor” work?

According to Oura, the Advisor feature has an onboarding program with significant customization features. You can choose between multiple communication styles and tell the advisor when you can send notifications. As for privacy, Oura said the advisor’s personal health information is stored as a “memory” and can be deleted at any time.

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Oura adding an AI chatbot to its app was predictable given that every company is doing it now, but the timing is remarkable. Samsung is hosting a Galaxy Unpacked livestream on Wednesday morning where almost everyone is expecting to hear more about the previously-discussed Galaxy Ring.

Samsung also announced a suite of AI features called “Galaxy AI” earlier this year, and the Galaxy Ring will almost certainly integrate AI in some way.

We’ll all find out together at 9am ET on Wednesday.

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