ALDI’s most popular dupe has been restocked

By Amanda Bechara for Daily Mail Australia

02:08 Jul 10, 2024, updated 03:11 Jul 10, 2024

Aldi Australia has announced the return of its Oodie dupe – and the popular buy is still the same price as it was two years ago.

The $29 “Snuggle Hoodie” will be available in stores starting July 20, but supplies are expected to disappear from shelves quickly.

Aldi first launched its own hooded blanket in 2022, with a design very similar to the original Oodie founded by Davie Fogarty in 2018.

Although Mr Fogarty believed customers would prefer his original product, the price difference of $84 versus $29 at Aldi had prompted many customers to opt for the supermarket version.

Aldi says its new loungewear range has a ‘foldable’ design that can be easily rolled up to fit into a travel-friendly carry bag.

They are made of “ultra soft” polyester fleece and have a front pocket similar to a kangaroo pocket.

Aldi’s dupe designs include pastel blue with donuts and a black version with a burger motif.

The kids’ version retails for $19.99 and is available with dinosaur, watermelon and unicorn prints.

The ultra-soft adult hoodies come in exciting new designs like a pastel-colored donut design and a black hoodie with burgers all over it.
The cozy kids hoodie has a glow-in-the-dark version
Watermelon print in a fun and cheerful design

Children’s sizes are also available with glow-in-the-dark versions.

With the cost of living crisis, hoodies offer an affordable way to stay warm while saving on heating costs.

Mr Fogarty, creator of the original Oodie, finds it “flattering” that stores like Aldi have chosen to duplicate his design after it became an international sensation during the 2020 lockdowns.

Oodie recently launched a series of cheeky ads targeting brands that offered cheaper dupes.

The hero’s slogan “you wouldn’t hug sandpaper” appears on ads with the promise that the OG wearable blankets stay softer longer.

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