Android 15 could sport an intensity slider for color correction modes

Google has added a few useful features to Android 15, and one of them might be a “color correction slider.” If you suffer from color blindness, this feature might work wonders for you on your Android smartphone. How? Let’s find out!

What is Color Correction Mode?

The corresponding setting allows users to adjust the colors displayed on the screen according to their preferences. This is a very useful feature for color blind users or those who have difficulty differentiating between multiple colors on the screen.

Color correction already has some modes, such as two red-green modes, to solve the particular problem of shades. These modes help to solve defects such as deuteranomaly (problem with green), protanomaly (problem with red) and tritanomaly (problem with blue).

The list also contains a grayscale to avoid monochrome defects. It also provides a wide range of main colors for preview. With this feature, some applications or parts of images become clearer for colorblind users.

Android 15 Color Correction Slider

Android 15 could bring a color correction slider (Image credits: AndroidAuthority)

Google Android 15 is now making this feature more useful with its upcoming operating system. It seems that Android 15 is preparing a new “color correction slider” tool. According to the term, the slider will allow users to adjust the intensity of the color correction mode on phones.

Users can move the slider between “low, medium and high” and check the alteration of the color balance. Moving the slider will show an instant change that can make the display screen look drastically different from the old one.

Beta users can enable the feature manually as it is still not present in the latest test version of Android. To access this feature, go to Settings > Accessibility. Now tap on the Color & Motion section where you will find the Color Correction setting.

[Source – AndroidAuthority]

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