Choose from these new Pikmin Nintendo Store Tokyo products and rewards

Nintendo has added new Pikmin Nintendo Store Tokyo products to the Australian My Nintendo Store. Not only have some past favourites been restocked, but there are also two amiibo we haven’t seen in a while.

New products include a Pikmin Plastic bowl, Spoon set, Food Choice and some lozenge containers for food. There is also an ice Pikmin pack to keep them cool.

There is also a range of new Pikmin Pinsincluding all new Pikmin from Pikmin 4. Red, Blue, and Yellow Pikmin have also been stocked. The Glow Pikmin pin even glows in the dark!

Amiibo fans are not left out either with two Pikmin amiibo available again, the Amiibo Captain Olimar Smash Bros. And Amiibo from the Pikmin collection are the two who come back.

On top of all this, there are three new keychains like My Nintendo Rewards for 250 pieces each.

Great news for Pikmin fans today, but we’re still waiting for that Zelda product!

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