Dota 2 Adds Street Fighter-Style Fighting Game in Crownfall Update

Act three of the Dota 2 The Crownfall event has finally released and brought with it a Street Fighter-style fighting game into the dota customer.

The long-awaited third act of Crownfall dropped tonight, and with it came the third part of the epic story that has been going on for months now. It features a brand new world map to explore, with all the usual cosmetics and story to go with it. There’s also another comic that delves deeper into the story.

Act Three also brings a brand new Collector’s Cache, containing the cosmetic items that received the most votes in the last round of community voting. Some of the sets in there are incredible, and have forced Valve to add a new Arcane slot to both Juggernaut and Pudge. These new slots will allow you to equip that hero’s Arcane item alongside other sets, so if you get one of the rare items in the cache, you can still use the Arcane with them.

But the coolest new addition in Crownfall’s third act is a new street fighter mini-style game that you can play in the Dota 2 client. You can choose from five heroes, including Marci, Bristleback, Tusk, Vengeful Spirit, and Dawnbreaker. Once you select your fighter, you’re pitted against other characters in a 2D-style fighting game, which seems pretty deep from first impressions.

While this is just a cool mini-game you can play in the client, it looks to be surprisingly deep and I’m sure many players will be asking for this to be turned into its own game. Of course, League of Legends also has its own fighting game in the form of 2XKOwhich is expected to launch next year, so some believe Valve might give it a try Lol showing that they can do anything Riot tries to do.

There’s a good chance that this minigame will disappear once Crownfall is over, but given the delays some acts have been experiencing, the good news is that the entire Crownfall event will run through October. This likely means that the final act will also be delayed, likely to mid-to-late August, but you’ll have more time to complete the entire metagame.

Unsurprisingly, this patch did not bring any gameplay balance changes. dotabut with a small patch arriving just a few days ago, this isn’t a big deal, as professional players are still struggling to find the best heroes to use at the highest level.

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