FiiO CP13 Portable Cassette Player on Sale

We first encountered FiiO’s CP13 at a Bristol Hi-Fi Show side event earlier this year, and it’s now available for less than expected.

The FiiO CP13 portable cassette player is part of the current retro trend and comes to the aid of those who still have their compact cassettes purchased in the 20th century. However, music lovers will no doubt have noticed the return of the format, especially on the merchandise stands of independent and signed artists.

When we first got our hands and ears on the square-shaped FiiO CP13, it transported us back to the days of carrying a pocketful of music with us until it was time to head home for dinner or packing as many cassettes as our car’s glove compartment could hold before a road trip.

The CP13 lacks Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or even a DAC. The only real nod to modernity is a USB-C port for charging the lithium-ion battery, which is said to last up to 13 hours.

The lack of Bluetooth forces you to use wired headphones. We recommend the Koss Porta Pro for a totally retro vibe.

The audio circuit of the tape recorder is analog, from the playback head to the signal amplification. This is what, according to FiiO, gives it a “classic, inimitably analog sound.”

Additionally, the brand promises more stable signal transmission, higher signal-to-noise ratio (>55 dB) and lower distortion than your typical portable cassette player.

The FiiO CP13 is now available, including in the transparent version above, for £99.

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