Palworld developer Pocket Pair has partnered with Sony to further develop the IP

Pocket Pair, the studio responsible for this year’s viral hit Palworld, has revealed It is partnering with the Sony Group through Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc. and its division Aniplex Inc., with the aim of “accelerating Palworld’s multifaceted development and further expanding intellectual property” domestically and globally.

This new venture will see the formation of a new company, called Palworld Entertainment, Inc., and will oversee the global licensing and merchandising activities surrounding the game.

While initially this appears to be a move focused primarily on cross-media merchandising and promotion of the Palworld IP and not specific to the game itself – which has yet to appear on any Sony-owned platform, further comments included in a report from Famitsu suggest that game development efforts will also ultimately benefit from this joint venture.

“In addition, starting with SME and Aniplex, we will also work with Sony Group to promote new developments for Palworld,” the statement reads (automatically translated via Google). “We invite you to look forward to the business development of this joint venture, which will also lead to the continued development of the Palworld game by Pocket Pair.”

Just recently, a community manager at Palworld started rumors of an imminent PlayStation port with a cryptic post, which featured the game’s title surrounded by colorful hearts hinting at the different platforms the game is currently on (and not on):

While it’s had plenty of updates and content additions since launch, we praised the launch version of Palworld as a derivative yet strangely compelling blend of genres and inspirations, with Edward saying: “If you can get a few friends together for some monster-fun, or you’re just a grizzled old survivalist like me, I’d definitely recommend picking the game up on Steam or jumping in via Game Pass to see for yourself if the hype is real. Go ahead, grab HM03, and ride the Palworld wave that’s sweeping the world.”

You can find Palworld on Steam here Or Game Pass here.

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