Tips, Answers, and Help from NYT Strands July 7 #126

Strands doesn’t get as much attention as its New York Times counterparts Wordle and Connections, but it can be just as challenging and entertaining. Strands just came out of beta, so it’s now available on the official New York Times Games app, which could bring it more fans. I detail the rules of Strands in this article.

If you are reading this, you probably need help with The Strands PuzzleSo here we go. Warning: if you scroll too far too fast, you will see spoilers.

Need more answers? Here’s the answer for today’s Wordle, and here are the answers for today’s Connections.

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Hint for today’s Strands puzzle

Today’s Strands theme is: Not just black and white.

But if that doesn’t help, here’s a hint: 50 Shades of Something.

Keywords to unlock clues in the game

Your goal is to find hidden words that fit the theme of the puzzle. If you get stuck, find all the words you can. Every time you find three words of four letters or more, Strands will reveal one of the words in the theme. Here are the words I used to get these clues, but any four-letter or longer word you find will work:


Answers to today’s Strands puzzle

Here are the answers that fit the theme. The goal of the puzzle is to find them all, including the spangram, a theme word that spans from one side of the puzzle to the other. When you have them all (I originally thought there were always eight, but I learned that the number can vary), every letter on the board will be used. Here are the answers that are not spangrams:


Today’s Strands spangram

Today’s Strands spangram is SHADES OF GREY. To spell it, start with the G which is four letters down in the rightmost column, and continue like this.

Image of the completed July 7th Strands puzzle Image of the completed July 7th Strands puzzle

These games could make your hair go gray.

Screenshot by Gael Fashingbauer Cooper/CNET

How to play NYT Strands

1. Use the topic of the day to search for words related to that topic. See one? Drag or click the letters in order. Double-click the last letter to submit your suggestion. If you found a topic word, it will light up blue and stay that way.

2. The other words you find are considered clue words that give you clues to the theme words. Find three clue words (they must have at least four letters each) and the game will reward you by showing you a theme word. But if you fail to decipher it, find three more clue words and the game will highlight the letters of the theme word in order.

3. Hunt it spangrama special thematic word that extends across the entire puzzle, although it can extend from top to bottom. It summarizes the theme of the puzzle.

4. When you are finished, you will have used each letter in the table in a thematic word or spangram. The thematic words fill the entire table and do not overlap.

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