Will Audio-Technica’s new headphones improve my concentration at work?

Will I become a fan of noise-canceling headphones?

There are some things in life that you can’t live without once you’ve tried them: high-end bed sheets, expensive candles, and extremely comfortable but cute underwear fall into that category for me. But for many people, noise-canceling headphones are a must-have. While I’m a huge music and podcast lover, I’ve never taken the plunge and invested in a quality pair of headphones. And to be completely honest, I’ve never seen the point in a noise-canceling pair. Isn’t the sound coming out of the headphones already noise-canceling enough?

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So when my editor asked me to try Audio-Technica ATH-S300BT Headphones For a few days at work I was a little skeptical: I had gotten this far without noise-canceling headphones, so how effective could they really be? improve my concentration? I put them to the test during my few days in the office this week to find out.

What sets these headphones apart

At first glance, the ATH-S300BT are a well-designed and stylish pair of headphones. The sleek beige colourway I tried on is ideal for everyday use. Much like other over-ear headphones, they also function, at least in my mind, as a fashion accessory, adding a finishing touch to an outfit. They also feature noticeably thick and soft memory foam ear cushions, ensuring a snug fit, while their ergonomic design makes them comfortable to wear for long periods of time, which, as over-ear headphone users know, is of the utmost importance.

Beyond their looks, they boast an impressive 90-hour battery life and digital hybrid noise-canceling technology, making them the perfect fusion of comfort and performance. The result of over 60 years of Audio-Technica’s Quest for High-Quality SoundThey feature 40mm drivers. If, like me, you’re not entirely sure what that means, a larger ‘driver’ can move more air through the earbuds, meaning they deliver high-octane, full-spectrum sound. So what do they actually sound like in use?

Put them to the test

The first thing I noticed about these headphones was how comfortable they are. I could literally wear them all day without the discomfort that many over-ear headphones I’ve briefly tried have caused me. In terms of listening experience, they offer three listening modes: continuous listening, where users can still hear ambient sounds, noise-canceling, and off. To choose your mode, simply press the button on the side of the headphones.

I tried Ambient Mode first, so I could still hear my colleagues a little bit. I work in an editorial environment that can be quite collaborative, so total noise cancellation isn’t always the best idea. Right off the bat, I was blown away by the superior audio quality. It was SO It was so crunchy that I was immediately filled with regret for the years I wasted using tinny-sounding headphones.

Later that afternoon, everyone in the office was in intense focus mode, so it seemed like the perfect time to test out the noise-canceling capabilities. I changed the setting, opened my emails, and got to work. When they say noise-canceling, they mean it. I truly entered my own little world, where all the distracting background noise that comes with working in an open-plan office was immediately blocked out.

I was so in the zone that I spent hours sending emails that I had been putting off, not even noticing that my colleagues were starting to lose focus later in the afternoon and start chatting among themselves. As any noise-canceling advocate can attest, there’s something incredibly immersive about using these types of headphones, especially when you’re working in an environment where there’s constant movement, conversation, and music playing in the background. After three days of use, I’ve definitely become a noise-canceling headphone devotee.

The other thing that stood out to me was the battery life of these earbuds. I didn’t need to charge them once, despite using them for about 10 hours a day for three days straight. Other earbuds I’ve owned have always been terrible when it comes to battery life – I feel like a day of heavy use will drain them. Unbeatable battery life combined with the ability to dramatically improve my concentration at work? It’s safe to say you can add these earbuds to the list of things I’ll never live without again.

Audio-Technica’s ATH-S300BT headphones are available now at JB HiFi, Good Guys, independent HiFi stores, record stores and online. Audio-Technica Website for the recommended retail price of AUD 249.

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